Mom Braves Jail rather than Reveal Whereabouts of Molested Daughter

5th “History of the Crisis” Case: The Court Cabal Takes Off

A Boston mom chooses to be jailed for contempt rather than divulge the whereabouts of her daughter in our fifth “History of the Crisis” segment. Virginia’s ex-husband was sexually assaulting her 6 year-old on visits and she could bear it no more, so she chooses to brave incarceration to ensure her daughter’s safety.

Virginia’s case was the first to be subjected to the entire cabal which worked against her. Every one of them did their job covering up the abuse and steering the case to the father.

Women began gaining substantial rights and freedoms in the early 1970’s which enabled them to divorce their husbands. That meant men were losing control in the area they wanted it most: over “their” women and family.

Hence, the backlash began.

Family Court became the means for men to continue their age-old control in the family. Tactics evolved for the next 20 years. By the early ’90’s, the Old Boy strategies were honed to a T. Judges controlled with carrots and sticks. Insider cabals rewarded for assisting in the agenda.

Done. Women were officially screwed from then on.

And nothing has changed. Because women have been fighting the wrong things—thanks to one of the most effective backlash strategies: convince women the Post-Separation Crisis is not a gendered issue. Divert them into calling for piecemeal, useless reforms within the Family Court system. When what is needed is an entirely new system.

Source: Mom Braves Jail rather than Reveal Whereabouts of Molested Daughter

One thought on “Mom Braves Jail rather than Reveal Whereabouts of Molested Daughter”

  1. Women have kids only for the courts to take them away of us or away from them. Women get married to men only for men to harm us and our kids. I am not surprised by this old story because it happens to womens lives daily. The agony.

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