Mom in Hiding Captured in Isolated Stone Hut in Mountain Wilderness

A Finnish mom in hiding with her 7 year-old son was recently captured in a stone hut isolated deep in Spain’s northeastern mountain wilderness.

She was hunkered down in this primitive shelter with no electricity or plumbing, freezing cold at times. It was a mile walk to the nearest store.

The father had reported the mother “abducted” the boy and a warrant was issued.

The boy was sent back to Finland to be forcibly returned to his owner—the father from whom they were trying to escape. This separation from his primary bond at such a young, impressionable age, inevitably caused him severe trauma, not to mention having been placed under the complete control of his father.

The mother was imprisoned in Spain. It is unclear whether she has been extradited back to Finland yet for criminal court proceedings.

The fact that she would go to such great lengths as to live so isolated in a stone hut with no creature comforts strongly suggests she was desperate to protect him—most likely from sexual abuse. Sexual abuse by fathers is the most common reason mothers take the drastic, life-altering, liberty-risking measure of fleeing into hiding.

Family courts routinely give custody of children to abusive fathers, often sexually abusive ones. So, mothers taking children into hiding to protect them is not an uncommon phenomenon.

How could this be happening more than a century after women got the vote and a half century after gaining independence from bad marriages?

It was totally predictable, but women did not see it coming and still do not understand what is happening. They walk into family courts around the world every day believing they have the power to keep and protect their children. The fact that judges would deliberately cover up and enable abuse of any kind, much less sexual abuse, is incomprehensible.

But in context it is perfectly comprehensible. Control and entitlement in the family has always been the #1 patriarchal agenda. Now that women can easily leave husbands and live independently, it has become Patriarchy’s Last Stand.

Source: Mom in Hiding Captured in Isolated Stone Hut in Mountain Wilderness

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