Mom Sues Judge, GAL, Ex for $8M in U.S. Federal Court – The Women’s Coalition

Illinois mom Aneta Hadzi-Tanovic has filed an $8 million federal lawsuit against Family Court judge Robert Wade Johnson, the GAL, and her ex for conspiring to deprive her under the color of law of her right to due process and equal protection, as well as for the intentional torts “abuse of process” and “intentional infliction of emotional distress”.

Aneta’s custody nightmare mirrors women’s cases all over the country and world in which Family Court judges disregard substantial negative evidence about the father, and fabricate negative evidence about the mother, in order to justify switching custody to the father.

In Aneta’s case, the judge ignored substantial evidence of physical, psychological and emotional abuse by the father, much of it gathered by police, a forensic interviewer and social services.

Instead of protecting the children, the judge falsely found Aneta to have coached them to report abuse (i.e. alienation), hence emotionally abusive, despite no evidence to support that finding. Then he allowed the father to alienate the kids from her, to the point that they now refuse to talk to her on the phone and are so badly behaved in supervised visitation that she cannot keep a supervisor.

42 U.S.C. §1983 does not provide for injunctions against state judges, so it will not affect the custody ruling or bring her children back. But Aneta hopes publicity on the injustice she has endured, and especially a win in her suit, will help her case moving forward and help expose the injustices women everywhere are being subjected to.

Source: Mom Sues Judge, GAL, Ex for $8M in U.S. Federal Court – The Women’s Coalition

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  1. I knew of a case like this with Magistrate Harmer on the Bench! Following complaints about his finding he was found to be ‘unwell’ at the time of the case!

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