Mom Uses Suicide to Warn Women about Family Court 

A New York mom resorted to ending her life last week after fighting long and hard for custody—and failing.

Catherine Kassenoff had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer and said she no longer had the endurance to continue to battle both cancer and custody. She completed an assisted suicide in Switzerland in what she described as an “idyllic setting”.

Catherine characterized her years in Family Court as a complete nightmare.

In the last four years of my life I have woken up every day to a nightmare like no other.

Last month Catherine was barred from seeing her girls at all, not even in the supervised visits she had endured for many years. She was not allowed to say goodbye to her children and tell them she loved them. That may have been the breaking point.

Catherine was not about to go out quietly. She wanted her suicide to bring light to the Custody Crisis and make a difference for women struggling to keep and protect their children in Family Court.

Catherine wanted her story to serve as a warning to all women that they will likely face oppression and devastation if the father decides he wants custody. If she—federal prosecutor, counsel to a governor, with plenty of money, education, connections and resources (at least in the beginning)—could lose her children and everything she had, any woman could.

The father has become quite the public pariah thanks to the internet and social media. Thus, in death, if not in life or Family Court, Catherine was able to hold him somewhat accountable for taking her children away and alienating them from her.

Source: (79) Mom Uses Suicide to Warn Women about Family Court 

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