Monash City Council cancels drag queen story time

The south-eastern council’s meeting in Glen Waverley was derailed last week when almost 200 people attended, many protesting against its sold-out drag queen event planned for children and parents at Oakleigh Library on May 19.

A police spokeswoman did not comment on the force’s concerns for the drag event but said the decision to scrap it was ultimately made by the council after a risk assessment was conducted.

Source: Monash City Council cancels drag queen story time as neo-Nazis join protest

3 thoughts on “Monash City Council cancels drag queen story time”

  1. Well, what do you know –
    It seems to be the gender identifying people’s turn to ‘criticise the state government for not providing the support needed to proceed with their ‘child-harming’ event safely’ + ‘ not enough has been done to combat the threat of extremism.’ +
    “I think the state government has essentially failed to take these growing threats seriously, and we now find ourselves in a position where local democracy is extremely vulnerable” +
    Last week, a spokeswoman for the state government said it would not step in to help councils beef up their security.
    Now these gender ideologues are starting to know what it feels like to Not get proper support from police and other authorities, when in the face of threat to safety.
    I have no sympathy for these wilting, entitled, narcissistic violets

    1. It’s a bit of a problem when the ‘white knights’ identify as NAZI’s…

      Mind you, the media brands anything questioning the rights of men who dress as women as manifestations of NAZIism. As do the Victorian Liberal party actually…

      But you’re right Anne Agostini, the feeling of not being all powerful and not getting proper support from the police should give rise to a little empathy.

      That we are today having to fight this madness, and that those in power are pushing and supporting this madness, and I mean not just the public service but corporations and even the military, is symptomatic of a society that has lost its way.

      I find it so hard to believe that we are actually living through this dystopian, surreal refusal to see things as they actually are…

    2. Dear Anne, As a 97years old, I have watched many a ‘drag queen’, as you call them! All the ‘Dames’ in pantomimes were really ‘drag’. No matter how young! We knew what ‘Dames’ et al, were …that was part of the fun! When older, I saw such roles as anti -female e.g., Barry Humphries. Marion Hosking OAM

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