More than 800 Aboriginal children could be adopted under NSW law change

Lorena Allam for The Guardian writes:

More than 800 Aboriginal children in New South Wales could be adopted without parental consent if controversial changes to the state’s child protection legislation go ahead.

The Department of Family and Community Services has confirmed that between 810 and 815 Aboriginal children are on guardianship orders, which could be converted to open adoptions under the Berejiklian government’s planned changes to the system.

But Grandmothers Against Removal says Aboriginal children already have a forever home.

“Our children are not orphans,” said Hazel Collins, one of the GMAR founders. “They have grandmothers, aunties, uncles who want them and love them.

“We are questioning [family and community services minister
minister] Pru Goward as to what right she has to dictate what happens with our children when she can’t even sort out the dysfunction in her own department.”

“We have intergenerational trauma from the child removals of the past. How are we supposed to heal without our babies? They don’t understand the kinship ties, the extended families that children will lose.

“What the hell was the apology for? What did they say sorry for, if they still keep doing it?”

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