Mornington Peninsula Shire council slammed for banning councillor

Cr Susan Bissinger was recently ordered to complete personal development training after mediation with mayor Steve Holland and told she could only speak to a handful of senior staff in a separate reprimand from chief executive John Baker.

The September 22 mediation followed an online exchange between Ms Bissinger, councillors and council staff regarding a plan to permanently fly the Intersex Inclusive Progress Pride Flag at all council offices.
Ms Bissinger feared the move could be seen as “divisive” and said the shire – which was trying to overhaul its image after being slammed by ratepayers in successive community surveys – should not be following the actions of other “woke” Melbourne councils.
Since sharing her story Ms Bissinger said she had been overwhelmed by an outpouring of support from all corners of the community, including some “unexpected” quarters such as action groups for homosexuals.
Jess Hoyle, who was recently refused an exemption to allow her to host Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Alliance events that excluded anyone who was born male, thanked Ms Bissinger for “being brave” and speaking up for her community.
The Tasmanian woman, 34, said the flag being flown by Mornington Peninsula Shire no longer represented homosexuals.
“Our movement has been hijacked by trans activists,” she said.
“There’s a new Pride flag every 12 months. It no longer speaks to us. Flying it is divisive.”

Source: ‘Silenced, bullied’: Jeff Kennett weighs in on Pride flag furore

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