Mother Instigates Own Arrest to Expose Family Court Injustice

Amazingly, a British mother purposely instigated her own arrest and prosecution so she could use a criminal trial, open to the public, to expose injustice she and other mothers are experiencing in the family court system. Her three day trial occurred last week.

Kate’s Family Court case began over a decade ago and she has been posting about it on social media for years. This has led to multiple short stints in jail, likely for civil contempt. However, this appears to be her first criminal conviction.

Kate’s daughter first disclosed sexual abuse by her father when she was five years-old. The father was criminally charged, but not convicted, in part due to the fact that CPS did not provide the evidence they had gathered. But it is unlikely he would have been convicted anyway as fathers rarely are.

A Family Court judge dismissed the daughter’s brave reports, shifting blame to Kate. The father was given custody of both of her children and he was subsequently allowed to alienate them from her. Per usual.

Kate was charged with 12 counts of violating a gag order. The prosecutor had to convince the jury that she had breached the restraining order without a “reasonable excuse” for doing so.

The prosecutor, in effect arguing the father’s position, used sexist tropes to discredit Kate to the jury. He told them she was a vindictive liar who had brainwashed her daughter to disclose sexual abuse, and that she was on a campaign to destroy the father’s life. He persuaded them that the father was the real victim, a long-standing sufferer of domestic abuse at the hands of Kate.

Kate’s position was that the truth and her honest intentions provided the “reasonable excuse” necessary to be acquitted.

Ironically, Kate was prosecuted for exposing the cover up of sexual abuse in Family Court, and the prosecution itself serves to cover up the cover up by discrediting her at trial and depriving her of her freedom—in furtherance of a future cover up.

Source: Mother Instigates Own Arrest to Expose Family Court Injustice

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