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This week, though, the ECHR made a judgment that even Nigel Farage would find himself raising a beer to. The ruling concerns two German parents from separate families who wanted their children’s birth certificates to recognise their transgender identities, rather than the reality of their relationships to their offspring. The ECHR said, “No.”

In the first case, O.H. v. Germany, a mother who identifies as a transman and her child claimed that designating her the “mother” violated their right to private and family life, as protected by Article 8 of the European Convention. In the second, A.H. v Germany, a father who identifies as a transwoman wanted to be recorded as “mother” on his child’s birth certificate. The Court emphasised in its decision that no human rights violation could be established and that a false entry in the birth certificates is at the discretion of the German state.

Dennis Kavanagh is a legal commentator and director of the Gay Men’s Network. He welcomes the ruling and notes a potential shift in how such issues are addressed.

“The law is increasingly recognising that there is no ethical case for treating children as legal accessories to adult cross sex identification claims,” says Kavanagh. “Rule by case law may be finally abating in this area which is a democratic good.”

At its core, transgenderism is fundamentally anti-human. In its effort to best mother nature, this movement not only cuts into the flesh of troubled people, it seeks to redefine reality in its own image. The truth is simple, and it is clear. Human beings can’t change sex. To sustain the lie that they can involves not only co-opting families, falsifying birth certificates and placing a polite gag in the mouths of co-workers, but suppressing the rights to freedom of conscience, expression and belief.

This week’s ECHR ruling won’t undo the wrongs already enshrined in law at the behest of the well-funded trans lobby, but it will offer some protection to children who deserve nothing less than the truth.

Source: “Mother” means something | Josephine Bartosch | The Critic Magazine

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