Mum joins Dr Lanzer class action after ‘terrible’ $27K surgery

Exclusive: As the number of plaintiffs in one of Australia’s biggest cosmetic surgery class actions looks set to hit 1000, the lawyer behind it says it’s just the “tip of the iceberg”.

Publicity around the case against celebrity cosmetic surgeon Dr Daniel Lanzer – and seven other defendants, one of whom Dr Daniel Darbyshire died last month – has encouraged other alleged victims of other clinics across the country to come forward.
Patients of Dr Lanzer and his associates allege their cosmetic procedures left them in extreme pain and with ongoing physical and psychological issues.
Madden Lawyers, the group bringing the class action against Dr Lanzer, has also commenced a class action investigation on behalf of patients of Cosmos Clinics, after 150 former patients came forward with their concerns.
Maddens Lawyers Class Action Principal Katheryn Emeny said they’ve been contacted by multiple complainants from around the country.
On July 1 new rules came into force to help clean up the cosmetic surgery industry, but a leading expert says Australia’s legislation still lags way behind countries like the UK, France and Singapore.
Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) president Dr Tim Edwards said the government is letting Australians down.
He said a push to protect the word ‘surgeon’ was recommended but has to be approved by each state and territory.
He blamed the public and medical regulators for seeing cosmetic surgery as “something that women do”, that’s “frivolous”.

Source: Mum joins Dr Lanzer class action after ‘terrible’ $27K surgery

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