MYTH: Punters respect the women they buy | Nordic Model Now! is a British website where ‘punters’ (sex buyers) post reviews of ‘escorts’ (sex sellers); [1] the site also hosts a discussion forum. The word ‘escort’ in this context refers to a woman who (according to Punternet) freely chose the job and works freelance, unforced, indoors (home, brothel, massage parlour, hotel). This is the type of prostitution that most people think benign, and which punters and the English Collective of Prostitutes passionately defend. I joined the site in 2009,[2] read reviews and eavesdropped on discussions.

The comments below were posted by punters. They expose as a lie the claims that punters respect the women they buy. If an escort fails to meet punters’ ideal (young, thin, obedient and eager) she is insulted and called a ‘whore’ or a ‘bitch’ and referred to as ‘it’ or ‘the thing’. Punters claim never to exploit those who appear to be unwilling, forced or drugged, and yet the quotes prove that this is untrue, and reveal that punters do not care a jot for the escort’s comfort, welfare or health.

Source: MYTH: Punters respect the women they buy | Nordic Model Now!

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