2 thoughts on “Nazir Afzal OBE QC Legal Consultant CEDAW People’s Tribunal”

  1. Sounds great doesn’t it – until you remember that CEDAW includes ‘trans identified men’ in its definition of ‘women’. In the 2016 article (published in the Chicago Journal of international Law) “Designing Women: The Definition of “Woman” in the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)” Elise Meyer (who describes herself as a ‘ciswoman’) advocates for the inclusion of ‘trans identified men’ based upon questionable research. Her first of many references is to a publication ‘TRANSGENDER HISTORY’ which is attributed to ‘Susan Stryker’ (2008).

    ‘Susan’ not his birth name (and neither is the surname ‘Stryker’) is a trans identified man who self-identifies as a woman and, with a background in sociology, has set himself up as an academic expert on women’s studies and feminism. He has zero qualifications in biological or medical science – and yet he aggressively puts himself forward as an expert on women and feminism.

    Ditto, ‘Julia Erht’ – who is a Director of Association for Women’s rights in Development (AWID), and a Director at ILGA World (International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Association) and [NB the T doesn’t even rate a mention in either acronym] and has a PhD in Maths. ‘He was also signatory to the Yogyakarta Principles plus 10’ – another piece of toilet paper that is wafted around by self-serving individuals who cobbled it together and portray it as having some legitimacy.

    The sheer audacity, the bravado, of these charlatans is amazing. They are nothing short of confidence tricksters, con-artists, who ‘falsely claim to have specialist knowledge and pretend to know or be something they are not (and will never be) in order to obtain money, fame or advantage’ and they must be stopped. NO person with a Y chromosome has any right to be appropriating the word woman – or claiming to be a feminist – and then erasing women’s rights in favour of ‘Trans’ (mens) rights.

    Unless and until we stop listening to these misogynistic men (who insist they know more than a woman about what it is to be a woman) – and start telling them to STFU – we will continue to see this circular argument, which (as Sheila Jeffreys described as a vortex) is carrying women further and further down into hatefilled patriarchal control.

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