NEW EVIDENCE UNCOVERED Time for Criminal Prosecution of P*rnhub’s Executives

Damning e-mails between the CEO/Owner of P*rnhub/MindGeek and his executives were uncovered in legal discovery for a child trafficking class action lawsuit in California. Depositions and messages from employees were also published, and all of this evidence was recently made public in redacted form.

Below are e-mails where the CEO/Owner is discussing the fact that:

1. P*rnhub only employed ONE person working only five days a week to review flagged videos.

2. The official P*rnhub policy was only to review a video if it had over 15 flags. Meaning a victim of child rape could flag their abuse 15 times, and it would not be put in line for review.

3. There was a backlog of over 706,000 flagged videos.

4. The CEO states that they are trying to hide these facts


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