Lesbian Action for Visibility in Aotearoa (LAVA) has made a discrimination complaint to the Human Rights Review Tribunal (HRRT) against the Board of Wellington Pride Incorporated. LAVA claimants Hilary Oxley and Marg Curnow received notification just before Christmas that their claim has been served on the Pride Board for their response, due by late January 2023. Currently the HRRT takes approximately 2 years to hear claims.

The Pride Board cancelled LAVA’s stall booking at Out in the City 2021, claiming that a LAVA stall would make trans people at the event “feel unsafe”, because LAVA members don’t share the Pride Board’s belief that men can become women. Pride made this claim despite their stated kaupapa of “inclusion and diversity” and a commitment to “engage in the hard conversations about intersectional justice in a peaceful and productive manner”. Marg and Hilary say their complaint to the HRRT addresses unlawful discrimination against LAVA and other lesbians, on the grounds of ethical belief, political opinion, and sexual orientation.

Source: News — WE ARE LAVA

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