Norway: Gender Critical Woman was Unfairly Dismissed, Court Rules

Rianne Vogels, formerly head of strategy and finance at a non-profit organization, Papillon, won her court case on May 8, 2023, in a historic verdict. She took her former employer to court after she was dismissed from her job in 2022.

The court ruling, from May 8, 2023, stated that Vogels’ dismissal was considered “invalid” since she had not acted “disloyally towards the employer Papillon.” The court considered that Papillon’s target group was “girls and young women with a cross-cultural or migrant background” and “trans people were not originally part of the target group.”

“It is indicated that Vogels has never advocated violating or depriving transgender people of their rights,” the ruling continues, therefore there was no “objective reason for dismissal.”

Further on, the judgment says that Papillon “uncritically highlighted reactions from two Twitter users, and later used her [Vogels’] behavior in the discussion meetings as part of the grounds for dismissal.” The document also notices that the employer “changed its grounds for dismissal along the way” and has stated that “Vogel’s statements about gender identity have special protection under section 100 of the constitution as political statements.”

Maya Forstarter, who also became a witness for Vogel’s trial in Norway, won her court case against her former employer in the UK in July 2022. Her “landmark tribunal ruling” established that expressing views about the immutability of biological sex is “worthy of respect in a democratic society.”

Source: Norway: Gender Critical Woman was Unfairly Dismissed, Court Rules

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