“Not My Cup of T” – New Documentary Explores the Impact of the Rise of Gender Transition

I deeply empathize with women and girls suffering from dysphoria and perhaps, in my own way, I understand it as a personal experience too. But the way the world is claiming to solve or deal with it is preposterous and criminal. Thanks to the internet and epidemic vulnerability of young girls, the shenanigans of Dr. Butler and the market of trans surgery seems to have well and truly arrived in my town. I fear cases of ROGD (Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria) to spike too.

After I was cancelled for my “transphobia,” (a term I fail to understand or associate with) I started taking a closer look at the way Western countries were influencing Indian “queer movement.” Suffice to say that the woke liberals with their bottomless acceptance of every oppression as long as it is a woman’s “choice,” accepted this erasure of women and lesbians too. As I watched the accounts with anime characters post violent ‘kill terfs’ GIFs to my tweets, I was hit with a sinister realization. What is happening in the anglosaxon countries where girl children as young as three years old are claiming to be trans and brought to gender clinics, is going to have a Bollywood redux in a matter of five years. And it sent a shiver down my spine. A country where there is a rape every fifteen minutes, and a shocking apathy from its government, I worry about our women and girls.

Given our population and the bloody hands of huge corporations, I am concerned that a large-scale experiment is waiting to happen like in the US & UK.

Source: “Not My Cup of T” – New Documentary Explores the Impact of the Rise of Gender Transition

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