NSW Police on domestic violence charges investigated by colleagues

Police officers accused of domestic violence are investigated by their own colleagues, they can sometimes keep their weapons, and there are no policies detailing their supervision if they remain employed after being charged or convicted, a damning report has found.

About 100 NSW police of almost every rank have been charged with domestic violence-related offences since 2015, including nine so far this year to May 31, unpublished data obtained by this masthead under freedom of information laws found.

Allegations include aggravated sexual assault, rape, stalking, breaching Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders, destroying property and recording intimate images without consent. Most of the police were senior constables (54), but 22 were sergeants, one was an inspector, and one a superintendent. The remainder were probationary constables or constables. The data did not include how many charges resulted in convictions.

Domestic violence advocates say women can be scared to report allegations against police because they fear conflicts of interest and access to firearms, and worry that the officer facing allegations will use their knowledge of police procedures to their advantage.

Source: NSW Police on domestic violence charges investigated by colleagues

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