NSW #ThisIsNotEquality Tell your MP: Lobby Groups Make Bad Policy

Key points to tell your MP this week

  • The so-called Equality Bill is one-sided because it was drafted by lobby groups
  • Women’s groups were not consulted
  • Lesbians will be worse off
  • Equality Australia claims the Equality Bill will deliver equal access to health care & legal equality, but it has far-reaching negative impacts for women, lesbians, gays and bisexual people
  • The Equality Bill will remove women’s rights to
    • Single-sex sports
    • Protection against pimping
    • Protection from exploitation by commercial surrogacy
    • Call a male person a man (in person and online)
    • Single-sex spaces
  • Laws drafted by lobby groups are unbalanced and do not work

Source: NSW #ThisIsNotEquality Tell your MP: Lobby Groups Make Bad Policy

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