NY Democrats Quietly Dismantle ‘1 Male, 1 Female’ Rule

Emilia Decaudin, 94th AD for Yorktown (Westchester County), introduced an amendment to the NY State Democratic Committee by-laws, in order to remove all sex-based language from party rules. The 20-year-old student, who identifies as a transwoman, is a senior at the City College of New York, and is the youngest-ever member of the Democratic State Committee.

Decaudin successfully got the NY State Democratic Party to dismantle the “one male, one female” rule from Democratic State Committees—A rule which the women’s suffrage movement fought to put into place. The rule guaranteed females an equal seat at the Democratic table.

Coverage was sparse. NY Daily News was one of two publications that covered the story, and paints the changes in a positive light.

Update: On October 26, Decaudin, 94th AD for Westchester County, said, “. . . suck my girldick,” after women voiced their concerns about the removal of sex as a protected class in law. Decaudin, an elected official, has also blocked many constituents of New York state.

Source: NY Democrats Quietly Dismantle ‘1 Male, 1 Female’ Rule – The Velvet Chronicle

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