NZ: Prominent Trans Activist And ‘Gender Equity’ Advisor Sharing Fetish Content On Social Media – Reduxx

Reduxx has learned that one of New Zealand’s most prominent trans activists has been sharing disturbing fetish content on social media. Lexie Matheson, who claims to be a “lesbian,” has had a significant influence on national and local policies surrounding gender self-identification and currently competes in women’s sports competitions.

Matheson was involved in drafting Sport New Zealand’s “transgender inclusion guiding principles,” which were released in late 2022 and prioritize self-declared “gender identity” over biological sex.

He has also been recognized on a national level, and was an honoree in the 2016 Queen’s Birthday Honours List, where he was made an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for his LGBTQ advocacy. Matheson is also a founding member of Auckland Pride Festival, Inc.

In a Pinterest folder titled ‘My Obsessive Stuff,’ Matheson has shared multiple images of “loli” illustrations, which are Japanese animations intended to depict young girls.

In addition to loli images, Matheson has curated a collection of lesbian pulp erotica book covers, some of which feature an element of sadomasochistic bondage, such as in one “retro-style” illustration showing one schoolgirl straddling another and tying her victim’s hands behind her back using a ribbon.

In close proximity to the pornographic content are photos of actual children, including one of an unidentified girl aged approximately six years old posing in a ballerina outfit.

Before getting involved in trans activism, Matheson had worked with children within the education system, both in primary and secondary school.

Matheson, formerly known as Lex, began to declare a transgender status in 1998 at the age of 53, after many years of cross-dressing privately and developing an alter ego he called “Sally.”

Source: NZ: Prominent Trans Activist And ‘Gender Equity’ Advisor Sharing Fetish Content On Social Media – Reduxx

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