NZ: Women’s Rights Campaigner Had Nursing License Suspended for ‘Transphobia’

In September 2022, the Nursing Council of New Zealand suspended Jennifer Scott’s practicing certificate, citing “transphobia” as the reason.

Before her suspension, Ms Scott had been working as a registered nurse for eight years. In 2021, during her stint at a Mental Health ward, she noticed an uptick in patients’ trans-identification.

Ms Scott became alarmed about the changes to the medical recording system, which, according to her, happened without consultation with the public.

In a video published at her channel, Ms Scott described that a drop-down menu where health staff could select a patient’s sex marker, suddenly showed not only “Male” and “Female,” but also “Not-specified,” “Gender Diverse,” “Indeterminate,” and “Unknown.”

After Ms Scott found out about these changes, she emailed her superiors and complained this was “an unsafe medical practice” because “healthcare professionals need to know someone’s sex to provide adequate care.”

When New Zealand’s mainstream newspapers informed about her nursing license suspension, they did so calling Ms Scott an “anti-transgender activist.”

“The silencing and Cancel Culture of women in NZ is strong,” Ms Scott explained to 4W.

Source: NZ: Women’s Rights Campaigner Had Nursing License Suspended for ‘Transphobia’

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