OB-GYN Murdered at Exchange & How a Modern Matriarchy Will End the Crisis

Dr. Gwendolyn Riddick, an OB-GYN, was murdered by her ex at a local North Carolina park last Sunday during a custody exchange. This slaughter took place in public in front of her three year-old son and park goers. Dr. Riddick’s ex had assaulted her on multiple occasions previously. She was seeking sole custody of her toddler.

Another mother halfway across the country in Texas met the same fate last week during a custody exchange of her toddler. It is not uncommon for women and children to be harmed, or even murdered as these mothers were, as a result of having to share custody.

When you back up and think about it, it is insane that a mother is forced to do this, to hand over her baby to a violent perpetrator, or, actually, to any man. Women who give life, nurture children and are the primary bond should not have to fight legally to keep or protect them. But that is what happens in a patriarchically-organized society.

It’s been so many millennia that men have had this power, it’s like fish in water. Women don’t recognize that it is the patriarchal order that underpins this insanity and that it is just not natural or normal or right. Or, if they do, they cannot envision a way out of the patriarchal swamp.

Fortunately, a network of European women, experts in matriarchies of the past and present, have a vision for how “egalitarian matriarchies” provide for mothers keeping their children with them, as well for a better society at large.

There is no traditional marriage in a modern matriarchy. Marriage has served as a means of male control and subjugation of women. Women are not given, symbolically or otherwise, by their fathers to husbands. Instead, women stay connected with their maternal clan and are free to leave the biological father without him retaining any control if the relationship does not work out.

Source: (100) OB-GYN Murdered at Exchange & How a Modern Matriarchy Will End the Crisis

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