Olympian Sharron Davies claims activists target her children’s school over trans views

harron Davies claims her children’s school has been targeted by trans activists after she shared her views on who can compete in women’s sport.

The former Olympic swimmer says she has been called “every name under the sun” after speaking out against male-born athletes competing in female categories.

“Just activists ringing every single job I have, ringing every single charity, ringing my children’s schools, abusing my kids, calling me every name under the sun,” Davies told the Off Air podcast.

“[They say] I am a bigot, I’m a homophobe, obviously a transphobe. I’m even a racist which I find hilarious because I have got mixed-race kids.

“They use these terms not to actually mean it, they use it to bully. They use it to shut you up and to stop you trying to debate and present the science.”

Davies said the abuse she has received was misogynistic and claimed a lot of male athletes have not backed her in her fight against trans women competing in sport.

She added: “I think they keep their heads down because they don’t want it to affect their revenue.

“It feels like it is totally and utterly a men’s rights movement. Historically women, get hit over the head with this “be kind” slogan.”

Source: Olympian Sharron Davies claims activists target her children’s school over trans views

4 thoughts on “Olympian Sharron Davies claims activists target her children’s school over trans views”

  1. Since 83% of trans people are white( according to a UCLA study) and the majority of trans women are white, this is a white, male, privilege movement. White man found a way to rule with intimidation and violence again. How are TRA’s not considered a hate group by now? Silencing and intimidating an American for having an opinion about an issue that directly effects her? This woman is within her rights.

    1. Those dastardly wily white men are so desperate for power they are cutting their own genitals off now…

      Trans activists, the male ones at least, are more probably a misogynistic off shoot of the male gay scene than anything resembling an organised male movement, white or otherwise.

      Confused by the nothingness within them, united by a diagnosis of BPD and/or ASD and the internet, these clearly unwell people are riding high on the wave of ‘orchestrated kindness’ and legal empowerment by governments who deign themselves ‘progressive’.

      Functional, non misogynistic XY males look on these chimeras as desperately in need of mental health treatment. Real non misogynistic males who have wives and daughters would no more tolerate these people in women’s spaces than fly to the moon…

      1. If only more of these non misogynistic males, particularly those with seats in parliament, would start to speak up vigorously.

        1. Well, sadly, us ‘non misogynistic males’ are catered for by the likes of ‘men’ such as Little John Pesutto and Dan Andrews.

          I can tell you it’s a terrible embarrassment not to have non misogynistic men in parliament getting beside themselves in their speeches and thumping the table with their fists at the non scientific, misogynistic threat to all real XX women everywhere. If I was a politician my proudest moment would be to be thrown out of parliament for my anti trans movement views…

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