Zoe’s Law: NSW mum pushes for recognition of death of foetuses over 20 weeks old as a crime

The campaign to restrict women’s reproductive freedoms kicks off again.
See https://www.facebook.com/ourbodiesourchoices

Jane Caro opinion piece: Hanging public schools out to dry.

Aside from the social injustice generally, favouring the funding of private schools that are typically single sex also offends Article 10(c) of CEDAW which obliges state parties to encourage co-education.

Australian Catholic Bishop Geoffrey Robinson calls for removal of all bishops who failed to respond adequately to sexual abuse

Bishop Robinson . . . said the church must “get rid of obligatory celibacy” and called for a shift in the role of women in the church.
“Women must be brought into every level of the church in a far, far greater way than they are,” he said.