We need to talk about sexism & homophobia in Gender Activism

Claims of “identifying” with another race have been made to varying degrees by Rachel Dolezal, Martina Big and Ja Du to name a few. The Hungarian State Opera asked singers to “identify” as black in order to put on a production of Porgy & Bess.

I’m going to take the wild, radical step of saying that this is ridiculous. Absurd. Simply wrong. Factually incorrect. Perhaps even delusional.

Are we really meant to believe that legions of left wing writers, feminists, lesbians and others have suddenly become alt-right haters just because they acknowledge the existence of biological sex?

Source: We need to talk about sexism & homophobia in Gender Activism

Michael Moore

For decades now the NRA has successfully lobbied Congress to prevent any funding for the CDC to study why gun violence in the US has grown to epidemic proportions.

I don’t have a Ph.D, and I’m not a social scientist, but I’d like to offer a few observations and ask that we perhaps “study” the following:

1. Nearly all gun murders are committed by one gender. Let’s study why that is.

2. The vast majority of guns are owned by white people. Why is that? Most of these white people live in nearly all-white suburban and rural areas which have little or no crime. Why, really, do they need all those guns?

3. Why are most of these school shootings and other mass shootings committed by young white males?

4. Why, when the media covers gun violence in our black communities, do they never speak of it as the result of millions of African Americans still forced to live — 150 years after slavery — in a premeditated, predetermined system of enforced and cruel poverty, thus causing a tremendous amount of suffering and pain and death.

5. Why are many men unable to work out their anger issues without violence? And what are they afraid of? Why not study why there is so much unfounded fear within white men. Are they subconsciously afraid because they know they live in a society where one race gets a pass (or at least a chance), and the other races are left to fight for the crumbs? Why not study why there is so much unfounded fear within white men. Do white men who see so many fellow white men crushed by a dog-eat-dog economic system, they fear they too may be next?

So the frightened scared man needs a gun. Yet women — who have a REAL reason to be afraid in this society — carry hardly ANY of the 300 million+ guns in this country. Let’s study that.

6. Why are women so often the victims of this violence? Let’s study how millions of boys are raised and socialized in this culture to be man-boys who fear & despise women. And why women end up dead because of this ugly misogyny.

7. Perhaps it simply comes down to this: In the US, women hold no real political, economic or social power. 75% of Congress are men. A woman wins the presidency, but a slave-era law prohibits her from taking office. Just 6% of the CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies are women. None of the major religions are run by women. Wall Street is not run by women. We still haven’t passed the Equal Rights Amendment for women.

Wouldn’t a scientific study by the CDC show that if Congress was majority female (which might give us better schools, universal health care, day care and senior care), and if women were paid the same as men (a strong wage so all could have a decent life), wouldn’t this then be the ultimate result: Far less of us will die on any given day from an angry spray of random bullets?

Emotional abuse is not being properly addressed by law

Since her mother’s death at the hands of her father, Sydney-based lawyer and advocate Amani Haydar has seen numerous areas of law that need greater attention. One of those areas is emotional abuse.

“I think if you’re a lawyer, particularly a lawyer working in family law or in any other area of practice where there tends to be some gender dynamics, I think you need to perhaps read broadly about the effects of violence on women, about some of the trends, and about how some stereotypes about women being hysterical or irrational can actually feed into the way that you carry your practice and the way that you respond to certain cases.

Source: Emotional abuse is not being properly addressed by law – Lawyers Weekly

Letter: War on women

The LNP smashed the network of specialist, feminist domestic violence refuges in 2014.

They replaced them mostly by homeless hostels run by large faith based organisations, many of which still adhere to the view of wifely obedience and male headship in the family.

No one has called the LNP to account for their apparent indifference to the suffering and fear of women and children now unable to find safe haven from the violence of another in their home.

Source: Letter: War on women | Manning River Times

Over 200,000 people sign petition against sex doll imports

More than 200,000 people have signed a petition against the import of life-size sex dolls into Korea. As of Wednesday, more than 210,000 people signed the petition on the Cheong Wa Dae website, a month after the Supreme Court upheld a lower court decision to allow the import of such dolls. “They are not ordinary sex toys,” the petitioner wrote. “A life-size sex doll resembles a woman’s body in every detail. It can even be customized to fit an individual’s needs for hairstyle, facial structure, birthmarks or anything.

Source: https://www.vice.com/en_in/article/wjwq9n/south-korea-allows-import-of-hyper-realistic-sex-dolls

Over 200,000 people sign petition against sex doll imports


Women aren’t better multi-taskers than men — they’re just doing more work

Public opinion persists that women have a biological edge as super-efficient multitaskers. But, as this study shows, this myth is not supported by evidence.

Source: Women aren’t better multi-taskers than men — they’re just doing more work – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Gender reassignment? They’re castrating children

Castrating children is the phrase used by pediatrics professor John Whitehall to describe unscientific experimentation on youth in the name of transgenderism. Taxpayer-funded organisations are pushing the barrow for transpolitics. The Australian Human Rights Commission has warned sporting groups to adopt its transgender code to minimise discrimination complaints. Publicly funded medics are experimenting on children but refuse to answer detailed questions from journalists. Labor and Greens MPs are leading the charge to legislate the lie that birth sex can be changed. People who dissent from transpolitics are called phobic, bigoted and accused of hate speech. How did we get here?

Source: Gender reassignment? They’re castrating children

Diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria—Too General and Too Much Harm

The diagnosis of gender dysphoria prematurely puts people on a path to transition while trivializing and dismissing contributing factors such as alcohol and drug abuse, sexual fetishes and co-existing psychological disorders. The trans “treatment” being idolized today should meet the same fate as lobotomies, tooth pulling and colon removal—tossed on the historical rubbish heap of debunked horrific experiments perpetrated on innocent, hurting people.

People write to me asking for advice on how to detransition, that is, to stop identifying as transgender and go back to living as their biological sex. Every single one of them, after some discussion and personal reflection, has pointed to something in his or her history, such as childhood abuse, trauma, mental disorders, or family issues, that caused each one to want to abandon the reality of his or her sex and adopt an alternate identity. These could be the cases where gender dysphoria is a symptom, not a diagnosis, and could benefit from a treatment other than cross-sex hormones and surgeries.

For fifty years, the experiment of providing cross-sex hormones and surgery to treat gender distress has resulted in surgical mistakes, unhappiness, regret and suicide. A large study in Sweden, a transgender-affirming society, shows that the suicide-completion rate for people after gender-affirming treatment was nineteen times that of the general population.

Source: Diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria—Too General and Too Much Harm – Public Discourse