Conservative Sydney Anglicans continue to oppose women as priests

The Church of England has finally agreed to appoint women bishops, but the Sydney Anglicans continue to oppose admitting women to the priesthood. Their opposition is based on a claim that the Bible requires women to submit to their husbands in marriage and to male leaders in the church. Therefore, they cannot be leaders in mixed congregations of men and women.

What about men? Lies, statistics . . . and peddling myths about violence against women

“Men’s rights groups seek to demolish any gendered analysis of violence and falsely claim that women and men participate equally in violence,” says McInnes.
Myth-making has become the currency of many such groups which have long peddled falsehoods around the prevalence, impact and nature of violence against women, argues Alison Macdonald, the policy and program manager at Domestic Violence Victoria.
“We know that from all the evidence that exists that women are overwhelmingly the victims of family violence and men are overwhelmingly the perpetrators,” Macdonald adds. “It’s not an ideological stance that we take: it’s an uncomfortable reality.”
The evidence for this is well-established, not only through women’s services but also through police, court and hospital data, plus all the research data on the prevalence of violence against women in family and domestic violence, says Macdonald.

"pregnancy and return-to-work discrimination represents about 20 per cent of complaints received by the Australian Human Rights Commission."