The Coronavirus Is a Disaster for Feminism

Enough already. When people try to be cheerful about social distancing and working from home, noting that William Shakespeare and Isaac Newton did some of their best work while England was ravaged by the plague, there is an obvious response: Neither of them had child-care responsibilities.

For those with caring responsibilities, an infectious-disease outbreak is unlikely to give them time to write King Lear or develop a theory of optics. A pandemic magnifies all existing inequalities (even as politicians insist this is not the time to talk about anything other than the immediate crisis). Working from home in a white-collar job is easier; employees with salaries and benefits will be better protected; self-isolation is less taxing in a spacious house than a cramped apartment. But one of the most striking effects of the coronavirus will be to send many couples back to the 1950s. Across the world, women’s independence will be a silent victim of the pandemic.

Source: The Coronavirus Is a Disaster for Feminism – The Atlantic

Sydney transgender woman who ‘slit dog’s throat’ having issues with sex change, court hears

  • Woman (sic) has been charged with torturing and then killing a friends dog in Sydney
  • Olivia Sindel, 24, allegedly beat the dog before slashing bull terrier across neck
  • Accused of fleeing the scene before being tracked down in the city 15 hours later
  • Court heard Sindel was having ‘significant issues’ due to gender re-assignment 
  • Had to be sedated upon arrest as she was slamming her head, the court heard

Source: Sydney transgender woman who ‘slit dog’s throat’ having issues with sex change, court hears | Daily Mail Online

Calls to fire Queensland police officer who leaked address of DV victim

There are growing calls for a Queensland police officer who leaked a domestic violence victim’s address to her ex-partner to be sacked, after a judge downgraded his sentence.

On Saturday, the group Doctors Against Violence Towards Women launched a petition calling on Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carrol to fire Punchard.

In 2014, Punchard accessed two separate police computer systems to find the address of the Gold Coast woman and then gave it to his friend, her ex-partner – who was later convicted of domestic violence offences.

The ex-partner, who later fled to Greece, threatened to kill his former wife and strap bombs to their children.

Queensland University of Technology professor and domestic violence expert Kerry Carrington said Punchard’s case was “just the tip of the iceberg” in terms of issues with how police treat domestic violence victims.

Defunding the domestic violence part of the police force and creating a specialised structure would be the best way to achieve necessary change, she said.

“Everything we’re doing is not working. The main problem, primarily, is the police. They’ve become the gatekeepers,” Professor Carrington said.

“We need to create a completely new police force that deals with domestic gender violence, exactly like what Argentina did.”

Having specialised police stations staffed by women who are trained in responding to the complex issue of family violence in a holistic way that involves social workers, child care and psychologists, would help to solve Australia’s family violence problem, Professor Carrington said.

Source: Calls to fire Queensland police officer who leaked address of DV victim

‘Rocky Horror’ Creator Richard O’Brien Doesn’t Think Trans People Can Become Women

Richard O’Brien may have made a name for himself as a gender-bending star in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but his latest comments have incensed the transgender community.

The performer told reporters that he agreed with controversial statements from feminist Germaine Greer, who argued that any transgender women lives with the illusion that “he is female.” Moreover, Greer argued that gender reassignment surgery doesn’t actually change a person’s gender identity.

“You can’t be a woman,” O’Brien told British media. “You can be an idea of a woman. You’re in the middle and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Source: ‘Rocky Horror’ Creator Richard O’Brien Doesn’t Think Trans People Can Become Women

Cops go with the flow on ‘fluid gender’

Neil Paterson, assistant commissioner (intelligence & covert support) is among those sporting new pronouns (he/him/his) on his email sign-off, so that everyone knows his inner “gender identity” and trans police feel welcome.

His high-profile colleague Luke Cornelius, who defended the arrest and handcuffing of a pregnant Ballarat woman on Wednesday for allegedly inciting unlawful protest, is hailed within the force as an “LGBT” champion.

“There is no thought given to how offensive a woman might find calling a transwoman ‘she/her’,” said Harry Miller, a former British policeman and co-founder of the UK group Fair Cop, which documents trans activist capture of once impartial policing in a report due out next week.

“The manipulation of words and the destruction of commonly understood meaning is the tool of fanatics,” Mr Miller told The Weekend Australian.

“When it is enforced by the paramilitary wing of the state on behalf of an ideologically partisan group, we have a steady spiral into political capture.

“That’s why it is incumbent on all of us to resist any coerced language, regardless of accusations of unkindness.”

Victoria’s parliament recently wound up hearings into widening anti-vilification law, with the country’s main LGBT lobby, Equality Australia, arguing for a ban on “hate speech” targeted at someone’s gender identity.

Meanwhile, Tasmanian Liberal Senator Claire Chandler, whose defence of female sport against trans activism has won international plaudits as an overdue dose of commonsense, will be hauled before her state’s anti-discrimination commission.

Source: Cops go with the flow on ‘fluid gender’

Please stop what you’re doing and read this – The Psychotherapist’s story

I’m a psychotherapist of about 20 years, and one of my main areas of experience and training has been in the LGBT arena (or LGB as it was known here until about 2005 or thereabouts). I work for a prominent LGBT organisation and have been there for around 13 years now, so I’d be known in the community and commended for my work over the years.

I started to notice more trans clients around 4 or 5 years ago, and more of the trans agenda around the workplace which seemed to be taking precedence over a lot of other stuff, and in particular, seemed to completely push out lesbian groups, there just weren’t as many of them.

When the JKR statement came out, I couldn’t hold back, I wasn’t tweeting very much at all at that stage but her letter had really moved me and was so coherent that I thought to myself (so naively) ‘This is wonderful, maybe now we can have a conversation, how could anyone say she is transphobic now? We can talk about *everyone’s* concerns at last!’ Ha, was I wrong or what.

Very quickly I was rounded on, and I can’t go into detail on this, but my professionalism and ability to do my job was ‘questioned’ by someone who knew who I was, and where I worked. Long story short, (too late etc,) quite apart from it upsetting the shit out of me for weeks, I can’t and don’t want to lose my job.

So though it pisses me off, I need to be ‘anon’ in my work too in a way. I can’t talk about what I really think of the explosion in teens identifying as trans, I can’t risk it. There’s becoming an almost secret circle of therapists doctors and psychologists who refer to each other, we don’t talk too much, I get a call here and there from one of them, or from a parent, or a friend of a former client who says they put them on to me, or a TD or two.. (like they’re gonna speak out, nope.)

Quite apart from women’s rights which I am absolutely PASSIONATE about and always have been, and is another 12 million pages on its own, I feel the risk to children is more pressing.

I want them to be heard, I want them to have space, and I want them to be whatever they want to be and whatever that entails *without* an affirmation that they were ‘born wrong’, because *no one is*.

Source: Please stop what you’re doing and read this – The Cry of GLINNER!

“UK Government Gave Illegal Advice On Single Sex Spaces For Ten Years” – Woman Sues

According to former Cambridge City councillor Ann Sinnott, the fault lies with the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), the statutory body with the responsibility for advising on and enforcing equality and human rights law in Britain. In a legal case against the EHRC and the Minister for Women and Equalities, who has responsibility for Government Equalities Office, Sinnott claims that, for ten years and five years respectively, the advice given by the EHRC and the GEO has been ‘illegal’ under the Equality Act.
So influential is the advice of these bodies, that numerous organisations – from schools and prisons in the public sector to retailers such as Marks and Spencer in the private sector – have changed their policies so that women-only spaces are now accessible to a man presenting himself as a woman.

Source: “UK Government Gave Illegal Advice On Single Sex Spaces For Ten Years” – Woman Sues | Women Are Human

California politician Buffy Wicks held her newborn while casting a deciding vote on family leave bill

Wicks, a Democrat in the California State Assembly, was on maternity leave when some key pieces of legislation regarding family leave and affordable housing came up, that she desperately wanted to see passed.

Wicks had given birth to her immunocompromised daughter, Elly, at the end of July, and had applied to the House Speaker, Anthony Rendon, to vote remotely. The request was denied.

Having recently given birth to a baby with jaundice wasn’t deemed a sufficient reason for casting a vote remotely, a privilege that had been granted to other COVID-19 “high-risk” members.

“My daughter’s immune system is basically nonexistent,” Wicks said. “But I was told that maternity leave didn’t qualify for in-proxy voting.”

House Speaker Anthony Rendon, a fellow Democrat, was forced to apologise to Wicks for not considering her situation fully.

Source: California politician Buffy Wicks held her newborn while casting a deciding vote on family leave bill

Women Ceding Ground to Transgenderism

Women are arguing about their rights to safety in private spaces and against male violation of those spaces via the transgender narrative.

Women are arguing whether men should be on their sports teams, whether men have a physical advantage.

We are arguing whether men should have the right to our awards, our female universities, etc.

These are the wrong arguments. Women wind up in a cul de sac of defensiveness, arguing for something not to be taken away that has already been taken away. The line that was ceded and must be reclaimed is that men are not women, they are not female, they are not “transwomen.” They are men. \

Any other argument begins to sound like a mass hallucination and in a sense it is.

Most in western cultures are sewn to technology where this hallucination is propagated. We’d all be in a lot better shape if we lived on farms. Just try milking a bull that identifies as a cow and see how far you get.

Source: Women Ceding Ground to Transgenderism