Parramatta Girls Home Employed Child Sex Offenders

The Parramatta Girls Training School was an institution sadly run like many others throughout the 1950s to the 1970s.

Sexual abuse, psychological abuse and state-sanctioned slave labour weren’t just accepted regular practice at Parramatta Girls Home – these crimes were built into the foundation of the organisation.

Superintendent Percy Mayhew ruled Parramatta Girls Home like a ruthless warlord. He taught new officers to fondle, beat and rape the girls.

Parramatta Girls Home was the largest institution in New South Wales for girls.

Inmates were a mix of juvenile offenders, girls charged with exposure to moral danger and those deemed “uncontrollable” by the Children’s Magistrate.

Attempts to fight the system led to solitary confinement, or worse – the girls would be threatened with a trip on the overnight train to the dreaded Hay Institute (a maximum security prison for girls in the Riverina district that remained a guarded state secret until the early 2000’s).

Source: Parramatta Girls Home Employed Child Sex Offenders – Kelso Lawyers

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