Paul Denyer could be granted parole next week – The Age

Frankston serial killer Paul Denyer could be released on parole as early as next week, his victims’ families have been told.

A former prison guard, a veteran homicide detective and family and friends of two victims have all expressed fears Denyer has not reformed and will be a threat to the community.

Denyer murdered Elizabeth Stevens, 18; Deborah Fream, 22; and Natalie Russell, 17, over seven weeks in June and July 1993.

Originally sentenced to life in prison with no minimum term, Denyer was re-sentenced on appeal to serve a minimum of 30 years, but victims’ families have been told he could be eligible for parole as early as Tuesday.

The former prison officer detailed how Denyer began referring to himself as “Paula” and fashioned female attire from prison greens in a violation of jail rules, though prison insiders said he now identified as male.

Former homicide detective Charlie Bezzina, who helped put Denyer behind bars, said he believed he would “absolutely” kill again.

“There is no doubt in my mind,” he said. “He is programmed that way.”

Source: 12ft | Paul Denyer could be granted parole next week

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