Pearl’s Story: How an arts festival cancelled a woman for using her voice

A female artist in Australia has been expelled from an arts festival after organisers discovered she had spoken at a Standing For Women event.

Pearl Moon is a mixed-media artist who works in textiles and creates beautiful clothing for women. Pearl was born in New Zealand in 1959. Her childhood was extremely traumatic, involving male violence, alcoholism and sexual abuse. Pearl moved to Australia in 1986 and worked from home as a sewing outworker. This work dried up in the 1990s. A single mother with no training outside sewing, in desperation Pearl was forced to earn a living in the sex industry.

Having been chosen as a finalist in the Australian Wearable Art Festival earlier this year, Pearl was subsequently expelled from the event due to her public defence of women’s sexed-based rights. She has detailed her experience in two blog posts which you can read here: Part One and Part Two.

It is shocking that Pearl has been kicked to the kerb so callously because organisers don’t approve of her feminist beliefs. She is a 64-year-old autistic woman who has survived hardship, trauma and adversity and worked incredibly hard to achieve her goals. Pearl understands only too well the consequences of being born in a female body. She has every right to talk about her experiences and to defend the safety and wellbeing of her sex.

Source: Pearl’s Story: How an arts festival cancelled a woman for using her voice

2 thoughts on “Pearl’s Story: How an arts festival cancelled a woman for using her voice”

  1. I’m circulating this to the NSW CWA (I recently made a good contact there). Hope they’ll get stuck in!
    I assume you’ll be including this in your People’s Tribunal findings, if it’s not too late…
    Hugs! Barbary

  2. In the twisted logic of the trans movement and their supporters, stating or implying that biological women are more ‘real’ than ‘women with penis’s’ is probably to open oneself up to being called ‘sexist’ and ‘anti women’.

    I don’t know where this concept of the ‘gendered soul’ came from. I always thought the ‘soul’ was gender neutral, kind of like angels. I mean, this concept of a gendered soul being locked inside a wrong gendered body is quite strange…

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