Petition · Charge a crime as a male crime, according to UK law – not by self-identified "gender". ·

British Transport Police are at present allowing some alleged criminals to self-identify as female when arrested. These alleged criminals are clearly not women as eye witnesses can testify. The crime is then recorded as a female crime and reported as such to the press. An example of this was recently reported widely in the tabloid press where many were shocked to see females in a video allegedly repeatedly stomping on a man’s head. The man suffered a broken eye socket. Two police officers also received injuries.
It seems that British Transport Police are misusing/misunderstanding the Equality Act 2010 and also misunderstanding/misapplying the provisions in the Gender Recogniton Act 2004 which refers only to the application for and use of Gender Recognition Certificates.
Suspects should be required to validate their sex as claimed upon arrest and at interview stage and certainly before a crime is reported as female to the press.
Establishing the sexed nature of crime is utterly essential to preserving the validity of crime statistics which show that most violent crime is committed by males upon other males and that most violent crime committed upon females is committed by male.
If men can simply self-identity as female against any current legal provision then no crime statistics are relevant.
We call upon the Government to commit to ensuring that the British Police are aware of the legal requirements to establish the sex of suspects. We call upon the British Government to apply the laws currently in place.

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