Petition · Lesbians Attacked at San Francisco Dyke March Demand Retraction of Libelous Statements

On June 23rd, ten lesbians attended the San Francisco Dyke March together, four carrying signs affirming lesbian autonomy and educating about the dangers of giving children puberty blockers. These lesbians were harassed throughout the march, and two, myself and my partner, were specifically targeted and physically assaulted on numerous occasions by trans rights activists.
The San Francisco Dyke March, and now also the National Center for Lesbian Rights and the Bay Area Reporter, have ALL posted defamatory and libelous statements positioning the victims as the actual attackers, which is a complete reversal of the truth.
Since there is a harmful defamation campaign in action initiated by the trans rights activist hate group Degenderettes, we strongly advise not including your given name when signing this petition to avoid being added to their blacklist.

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