Pink hearts in blue bodies: A proposed law in Sweden will put children on the operating table

In 2018, the Swedish government proposed a new law that, if passed, will allow 15- to 18-year-old minors to undergo genital surgery if they wish, and if the procedure has been approved by the National Board of Health and Welfare.

First, the rights of children to have their best interests prioritized begs the question of what their best interests are and who determines them.

“Gender dysphoria” — unhappiness with one’s gender or sex — is the only condition for which a doctor prescribes or performs surgery where there is no test and the diagnosis is self-reported. There is no credible neuro-scientific evidence for the narrative that a natal male or female brain exists, let alone a “pink” or “blue” brain that can be located in the “wrong” body.

Second, the child’s ability to consent to genital surgery only has value if he or she has accurate information about the nature of procedures and their adverse health effects. The child needs to be informed that genital surgery, aside from inevitable sterility, will have complex consequences and include the need for continuous hormone use and reliance on lifelong medical care.

If Sweden passes a law allowing 15- to 18-year-olds to undergo genital surgery, it will not signify the extension of children’s rights, but their egregious breach. That the abuse and sterilization of children’s bodies might soon be legally sanctioned in Sweden in the name of progressivism should alert us to the extreme dangers of transgender identity politics and lobby groups in the UK and other European countries, and the influence they exert on medical practice.

Source: Pink hearts in blue bodies: A proposed law in Sweden will put children on the operating table

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