Policing family violence in NSW | The Saturday Paper

As the NSW parliament debates amendments to family violence legislation, new research shows that some victim-survivors are being charged as offenders instead, while children are not being protected.

The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research reported an increase in the proportion of women being identified as domestic violence offenders from 10 per cent of offenders in 2001 to 18 per cent of offenders in 2012.

Last year, 22 per cent of people against whom there were proceedings for domestic assault in NSW were women.

Women who fight back in a single incident often do so in self-defence and they will admit to doing it. In these instances, they are often charged where their male partner is not.

Under the NSW Crimes Act, police are the only authority that can make the application for children to be listed on a violence order as a protected person. In doing so, they have the power within the Family Law Act to “override, suspend or vary an existing parenting order”.

However, police appear anxious not to contradict Family Court rulings or to deal with their complexity. The report says that “reluctance to do so can be correlated with cultural factors and inherent beliefs surrounding a father’s right to their children”.

Source: Policing family violence in NSW | The Saturday Paper

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  1. Just imagine what I feel about all of this? First in 1960s fighting for abortion law reform? I almost feel I cannot read anymore but then I realise there has been little change in the whole scheme of things. I do not blame anyone as I have done in the past because I can see my own off-spring in situations they manage but are far from fair or pleasant. They have been subject to hearing my views and those of
    like-minded associates and I wonder how they settle for their situations? We women have changed laws, changed attitudes and with the assistance of the Feminist movement, we thought, paved the way for our children to be free of the constraints of the Patriarchy. I hoped they would continue the fight but no, only superficially. Now I almost blame myself as my children say to me when I ask ‘How and Why? they answer , ‘Well why did you help establish the(Taree) refuge?’ They mean that they are following the same desire to assist people by taking on partners who require understanding…I am not giving up, although 94 yrs would give me an excuse, BUT I cannot believe women are destined to remain at the bottom of the pile…I wont believe it! I don’t mind if you publish this but I do not want my name attached please!

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