PORTUGAL: Trans-Identified Male Sentenced for Killing Elderly Father, Stabbing Mother

A trans-identified male in Portugal has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for the brutal killing of his father and attempted murder of his mother in what was described in court as a “psychotic” episode.

Tânia Ferrinho, 43, violently stabbed his bedridden mother before turning on his father in a horrific incident that occurred last fall in Samora Correia. The court heard how Ferrinho’s elderly parents, Carlos and Maria, both 77 years old, had suffered numerous instances of violence at the hands of their son, and had already taken out a court order banning him from approaching them leading up to the stabbings.

Commenting on the footage of Ferrinho stabbing his father, presiding judge Sónia Vicente expressed shock at both the brutality and the lack of remorse seen on the part of Ferrinho.

Ferrinho’s case first became known to the wider public after media reported that female prison guards had refused to conduct strip searches on him during his detention in a women’s prison. Despite retaining a male sexual organ, Ferrinho demanded to be searched by women guards at the Tires Prison Establishment.

After an hour, two female guards ultimately conducted the search “under protest.”

Portugal passed a law allowing sex self-identification in 2018, but Ferrinho’s case is said to be the first known instance of a clash between female prison staff and a violent trans-identified male inmate. Reports of the incident note that the guards “fear the arrival of new transgender inmates.”

Source: PORTUGAL: Trans-Identified Male Sentenced for Killing Elderly Father, Stabbing Mother

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