Posie Parker’s Graphic Protest Against Stonewall Policies

Stonewall’s June 7th conference was met with protesters led by Posie Parker wielding shocking images of transition surgeries performed on young women.

The point was to highlight the potential harm caused by promoting the idea that children can be ‘born in the wrong body.’ Ms Parker explained the reasoning behind the shock tactic of using images of surgically mutilated bodies: “We are trying to make sure that teachers promoting this ideology are fully informed as to what it entails, we want to ensure no member of the public, parent or person with a duty of care to children can excuse the harm they endorse by saying they didn’t know what it meant.”

The message of Friday’s protesters wasn’t a radical one. It should not be controversial to oppose surgeries and hormone treatments for confused young people who experience distress in their bodies; it should be common sense. The fact that organisations like Stonewall are engaging in increasingly authoritarian tactics to stifle critics suggests that they know this. As pressure builds it is clear that having cemented itself in the baseless ideology of transgenderism, Stonewall is beginning to crumble.

Source: Posie Parker’s Graphic Protest Against Stonewall Policies

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