Preacher who misgendered(sic) trans woman did not break law

A judge has quashed the conviction of an evangelical Christian who was found guilty of misgendering a transgender woman while preaching in the street.

Dave McConnell, from Wakefield in West Yorkshire, had been convicted by a magistrate last year of causing harassment, alarm or distress to Farrah Munir, 19, who self-identified as a woman.

McConnell repeatedly referred to Munir as a “man” and a “gentleman” while addressing the public in the centre of Leeds in 2021. Munir had approached the preacher as he spoke to a small crowd and asked him: “Does God accept the LGBT community?”

McConnell, 42, was convicted of a public order offence and sentenced to a 12-month community order with 80 hours of unpaid work.

Source: 12ft | Preacher who misgendered trans woman did not break law

4 thoughts on “Preacher who misgendered(sic) trans woman did not break law”

  1. This is the kind of stuff you’d expect from the CCCP circa 1930.

    It’s the stamp of tyranny ‘on the human face forever’…

    Why are we not marching in the street about such matters?

      1. The conviction was rightfully quashed. The use of the term “misgendered” in the headline is misleading.

      2. Well, I’ve had the experience of being publicly berated for objecting to the use of the term ‘male’ to describe a ‘person’ 6 months pregnant in a mental health clinical review meeting , so I wrote my post in reference to the injustice done to the person who was preaching.

        That charges, a conviction and then a formal higher court appeal were necessary challenges my understanding of the concept of justice.

        I may be naive though…

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