Pregnant Individual’s Fight Against Recognition as Female Paves Way for ‘Non-Binary’ Court Ruling – Women Are Human

NL — . A pregnant woman who identifies as ‘non-binary’ has won a court challenge against a law requiring those who wish to have ‘X’ put in the sex marker field of their passports – in lieu of male or female – to first undergo psychological assessment. The individual is still involved in a separate legal dispute to be named ‘parent’ rather than ‘mother’ on the child’s birth certificate.
Last year, Dutch law began allowing individuals to self-identify their sex as male or female on their passports without first undergoing a mental health assessment. Ramharak expressed excitement that the self-identity law has now been extended to those who do not identify with a sex. “Hopefully, the X will help me later to register as the parent instead of the mother” on the child’s birth certificate, Ramharak said following the recent legal victory. Ramharak and Ramharak-Peters, who complain that they are “looked at strangely” when they go together to the gynecology department, will name their child Ravi, regardless of sex, calling it an “inclusive name.” The duo said they dream of a future in which all parents will have the right to choose how they wish to be registered on a child’s birth certificate.

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