Presentation to NSW Parliamentary Committee conducting Inquiry into the Equality Legislation Amendment (LGBTIQA+) Bill, 1 May 2024 (transcript).

Ep 31: Teachers, gender and the law, Marking the Role, 8 August 2023

CEDAW People’s Hearings, UNSW, 25-27 May 2023 – Judging Panel – Professor Jocelynne Scutt, Associate Professor Helen Pringle, Kerry Heubel, Mary Kerr & Bashi Kumar (absent). Witnesses: Leonie McGuire, Michelle Fernando, Barbary Clarke, Sally Gearin, Marita Murphy, Karen Buczynski-Lee, Simone Watson, Jane Matts, Jessica Williams, Charmaigne Weldon, Jenny Hocking, Catherine Lynch, Kath Mazzella , Dianne Haddon, Janine Rees, Claire O’Connor, Gina Masterton, Deborah Towns, Yabbo Thompson, Madulika Agarwal, Alecia Maree Staines & Lauren Quilligan. Judges Associates: Janet Fraser, Marietta Simaro and Anna Kerr.

Decentering Mothers: On the Politics of Sex, Symposium of Maternal Scholars Australia,  Speakers: Petra Bueskens, Jane Castle, Karleen Gribble, Milli Hill, Anna Kerr & Stella O’Malley,  7-8 October 2022.(videos here, here and here).

Penile Imperialism by Sheila Jeffreys – Global Online Book Launch – Speakers Betty McLellan and Anna Kerr,  13 September 2022 (video).

Can the Green Party be salvaged for feminism? Panelists Emma Bateman, Hugh Esco and Anna Kerr, 27 August 2022.

Are women being watched? Women’s Declaration International – speakers Helen Steel, Lierre Keith and Anna Kerr, 30 July 2022 (You Tube, Archive, Anchor)

Legal Action– or how to Battle the Patriarchy, A presentation to Women’s Declaration International, Feminist Question Time, 19 March 2022 (You Tube; Archive, Anchor ),

We need to #BreakTheBias that favours “trans inclusion” over the rights and welfare of women, Speakers: Rachael Wong, Kath Deves, Stassja Frei and Anna Kerr, Women’s Forum, 8 March 2022

Feminist Legal Clinic – Our Story – Speakers: Bronwyn Williams and Anna Kerr – prepared for IWD Meanjin, 8 March 2022.

Trigger Warning” by Sheila Jeffreys discussed by Janet Fraser (FLC) and Caroline Norma, 7 March 2022.

TERF Talk #19, TERF Talk Downunder, 18 February 2022


Helen Pringle presents at the South Australian Select Committee on Statutes Amendment (Repeal of Sex Work Offences) Bill , 6 December 2021

Book launch at The Women’s Library of Women Unsilenced by Jeanne Sarson and Linda MacDonald, 23 October 2021.

Anna Kerr “UN bodies are being extensively manipulated by monied interestsUnsynced – United Nations out of sync with grassroots feminists, FQT at FiLiA, 17 October 2021 (FQT shorts, Archive, Anchor ).

Oral submission on the Inquiry into Supplementary Order Paper 59 on the Births, Deaths, Marriages and Relationships Registration Bill, New Zealand Parliament, 29 September 2021.

Catherine Lynch and Anna Kerr speaking on the need to ban surrogacy at the Symposium on the child’s right to Identity in assisted reproductive technology, 14 September 2021 (Catherine from 7.03 and Anna Kerr from 15.45).

Anna Kerr with updates on Feminist Legal Clinic and WHRC Australia, Women’s Human Rights Campaign, Feminist Question Time ,Saturday 4 September 2021. ( You Tube, FQT Shorts, Archive, Anchor)

Speeches by Janet Fraser, Anna Kerr and Helen Pringle to meeting of the  City of Sydney Council, Meeting of the 21 June 2021

Article 2 of the Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights -Motherhood as an exclusively female status” CSW NGO Forum on behalf of the Women’s Human Rights Campaign, 21 March 2021. (slidesfull video, podcast)

Speaker at Jocelynne Scutt’s book launch: “Beauty, Women’s Bodies and the Law: Performances in Plastic” hosted by University of Buckingham Law School, 4 March 2021.


Women Human Rights Campaign (Aus/NZ) WebinarLaunch of Susan Hawthorne’s book Vortex: The Crisis of Patriarchy – Susan Hawthorne, Helen Pringle and Anna Kerr in conversation, 29 November 2020.

“Challenging Tomorrow – The Political is Always Personal”, Brilliant & Bold – Conversations with Ordinary & Extraordinary Women, a series on women’s rights, challenges, perspectives, hopes and empowerment hosted by Jocelynne Scutt, 11 October 2020

Panel member on Feminist Question Time hosted by the Women’s Human Rights Campaign, 30 August 2020. Videos available here and here.

Presentation on proposal to introduce legislation criminalising coercive control, National Council of Women of NSW, 27 August 2020.

Trans Activism – the State of Play, IWD Brisbane Meanjin Conference, 7 March 2020.

Slides for Launch of the Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights at Seeking Feminist Future: an evening of feminist ideas, hosted by the Women’s Human Rights Campaign at the University of Sydney, 21 February 2020 & Women’s Liberation Conference IWD Brisbane Meanjin, 7 March 2020.


The Universal Income as a Means of Alleviating the Gender Pay Gap, UNSW Feminist Provocations, 24 August 2019.

“Sanctuary” with Panelists: Louise Steer (performance poet), Sharon Sillett (SOS Choir), Amani Haydar and Vee Malnar (art therapy) at The Women’s Library, 13 July 2019.

The need to recognise maternal rights in International Human Rights Law, Panelists: Charmaigne Weldon, Darelle Duncan and Catherine Lynch, chaired by Anna Kerr, AMIRCI Conference “Beyond Mothering Myths? Motherhood in an Age of Neoliberalism and Individualisation”, University of Sydney, 10 July 2019

Motherhood for Sale?, paper presented by Anna Kerr at AMIRCI Conference “Beyond Mothering Myths? Motherhood in an Age of Neoliberalism and Individualisation”, which featured key notes from Dr Renate Klein, Dr Petra Bueskens, Dr Andrea O’Reilly and Prof Eva Cox at the University of Sydney, 10 July 2019. (Other FLC Committee Members also presented. Dr Catherine Lynch spoke on “The Infant Gaze: How surrogacy develops the former goal of closed records adoption to destroy mothers through the destruction of the maternal-neonatal relationship” and Vee Malnar performed a selection of her songs while others danced in front of the giant knitted placenta on display throughout the conference.)

Panel Event “How must the law change to stop male violence?“, Panelists: Sam Lee (Gun Control Australia & RLC), Charmaigne Weldon (Wirringa Baiya), Amani Haydar (Bankstown Women’s Health Centre), Chaired by Anna Kerr and hosted by FLC at Benledi House, 27 June 2019.

Presentation to Equality Rights Alliance (ERA) Annual Member’s Meeting “Diverse Women? Marginalised Women? Or Unhappy Men?“, 23 May 2019.

Panel: ‘Women and Representation in the Legal Profession’, Panelists: Elizabeth Espinosa (President of the NSW Law Society), Lee May Saw (barrister), Carrie Follas (senior partner at JWS), Anna Kerr (FLC), JWS Intervarsity Gender & the Law Conference, 13 April 2019.

Panel: NSW Sexual Consent Laws, Panelists: Karen Willis, (RDVSA), Andrew Dyer ,(USyd Lecturer), Anna Kerr (FLC), Gayatri Nair (DV NSW), Liz Snell (WLS NSW), University Law Society Women’s Committee, 9 April 2019.

Launch of Feminist Legal Clinic Appointment Service, 20 February 2019. For photos, see here.


An argument for the recognition of Maternal Rights in International Human Rights Law, Australian & New Zealand Law and History Conference, University of Wollongong, 11 December 2018.

Experiences of women defendants in domestic and family violence cases, International Domestic Violence & Health Conference,  Melbourne, 20-21 November 2018.

Presentation to Lane Cove’s Women’s Action & Information Group (WAIG),  20 August 2018.

Presentation to Equality Rights Alliance (ERA) Annual Member’s Meeting “Stop Separating Mothers from Babies”, 23 May 2018.


Evolution or Revolution? The History of Reproductive Rights into the 21st Century, 36th Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Law and History Society, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, 14 December 2017

Restore our Refuge – Community Forum, Taree RSL & Golf Club, 8 June 2017 – reported in Manning River Times,  2 June 2017.

Introduction to Dr Simar, An Evening in Conversation with Dr. Sima Samar, Chair of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, hosted by University of Sydney, UTS and ALHR, 23 May 2017

Panel on Abortion Law Reform (other panellists Sophie York (barrister) and Gil Burton (Specialist of Obstetrics and Gynaecology) , Sydney University Law Society Women’s Committee, 30 March 2017.

Ending violence against women in Australia and beyond: measures, reform, and advocacy –  Anna Kerr as Panel Chair, National Human Rights Conference, Australian Lawyers for Human Rights, Speakers: Speakers Professor Hilary Charlesworth, Matt Hall, Karen Willis, 17 February 2017.


Martyred to Romantic Love – a presentation on violence against women at the Spinifex Press 25th Anniversary Celebration, 9-10 September 2016.

Workforce Gender Equality: A False Equivalence – a presentation on workforce discrimination to AMIRCI 8th International Conference: Negotiating Demands: 21st Century Motherhood, RMIT, 13-16 July 2016 

Mother’s Cultural Cringe – a presentation celebrating women’s art to AMIRCI 8th International Conference: Negotiating Demands :21st Century Motherhood, RMIT,13-16 July 2016.