Protect Women and Children in NSW | Petition

Sign the petition calling on NSW MPs to protect women and children.

Dear Premier The Hon. Chris Minns, Attorney-General The Hon. Michael Daley, Minister for Women The Hon. Jodie Harrison, and Members of the NSW Parliament,

We call on you to protect women and children and reject the anti-women, anti-children reforms being proposed in NSW, including:

  • The introduction of self-ID, which will allow anyone to change their legal sex (including children), enabling males to legally identify as female and access women-only spaces;
  • Fully deregulated prostitution, which will remove protections for prostituted persons, and further entrench the sexual objectification and exploitation of women and girls;
  • Removing bans on commercial surrogacy, which will encourage the commodification of vulnerable women as wombs for rent and children as products for sale; and
  • The criminalisation or restriction of care for individuals struggling with gender dysphoria that doesn’t simply affirm a person’s ‘gender identity’.

These regressive reforms endanger, discriminate against, and/or commodify and exploit women and children, and in some cases, put at risk the rights and freedoms of NSW citizens, and subvert best medical practice. They are out of step with evolving research and developments taking place overseas.

We urge you to listen to the concerns of women’s and children’s advocates and the broader community being raised about these harmful reforms, and to protect the rights and welfare of all NSW citizens.

Source: Protect Women and Children in NSW

2 thoughts on “Protect Women and Children in NSW | Petition”

  1. I strongly object to these proposed new laws
    I call on you to protect women and children
    Reject the anti-women and anti-children reforms.

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