Psychiatrists Shift Stance on Gender Dysphoria, Recommend Therapy

A new position statement from the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) stresses the importance of a mental health evaluation for people with gender dysphoria — in particular for children and adolescents — before any firm decisions are made on whether to prescribe hormonal treatments to transition, or perform surgeries, often referred to as “gender-affirming care.”

The move by the psychiatry body represents a big shift in the landscape regarding recommendations for the treatment of gender dysphoria in Australia and New Zealand.

Concerns have arisen that some transgender identification is due to social contagion, and there is a growing number of “detransitioners” — people who identified as transgender, transitioned to the opposite gender, but then regretted their decision, changed their minds, and “detransitioned” back to their birth sex. If they have had hormone therapy, and in some cases surgery, they are left with irreversible changes to their bodies.

Source: Psychiatrists Shift Stance on Gender Dysphoria, Recommend Therapy

One thought on “Psychiatrists Shift Stance on Gender Dysphoria, Recommend Therapy”

  1. While this is welcome news, it is disturbing that some of those commenting – albeit well-meaning – still don’t ‘get it’. Sit down and grab a copy of ‘The Transexual Empire – The making of the She-Male’. It is well researched and written by Janice Raymond and originally published in 1974 (nearly forty years ago). It explains how a medical industry which, at the time, was representative of western society which, at the time, was fundamentally sexist and patriarchal i.e. where decisions were often made by ‘we know what is good for you’ pillars of society aka doctors. They decided it was ‘better’ to surgically modify the bodies of gender dysphoric men (and let them delude themselves that they were women) – than to actually alter the monumentally sexist attitudes (of their preferred patriarchal society) which was exacerbating the dysphoria of effeminate men (and tomboy women).

    Go to page 126 of said book and read the first paragraph which sums it up: “… the transexual is not really transsexed. As Dr Georges Burou, a French physician who specializes in male-to-constructed-female transsexualism phrases it: ‘I don’t change men into women. I transform male genitals into genitals that have a female aspect. All the rest is in the patient’s mind.'” By that time, Doc Burou had ‘transformed the genitals’ of over 700 American men who had made the trip to Europe. And he was only one of how many? Imagine how many thousands of dysphoric men had their male genitals ‘sculpted’ by scalpel wielding physicians in order to feed their delusion. Imagine if those likely thousands (if not millions) of dysphoric – but deluded – effeminate men were to wake up and realise they had been taken for a ride by the those to whom they had sought for ‘treatment’.

    Imagine waking up to realise that they were not actually ‘women’ and that the dysphoria they felt was not the result of what was wrong with their body, but what a sexist and patriarchal society was trying to force onto them – when it didn’t fit (a bit like my mother trying to force me to wear a dress or a bra or any of the other multitude of compliance measures which my body and brain refused to comply with – such as giving me a doll, which I set aside as I played with the box it came in).

    Imagine, if you will, the potential medical scandal that could erupt when the world wakes up that this is NOT a case of ‘being born in the wrong body’, but of being born in the wrong society – one that would not tolerate effeminate men and tomboy girls, who just happened to be that way because of a tiny little fart bubble that travelled down their mother’s fallopian tube at the precise time when the blueprint of life was being laid down in her womb for sex characteristics. As Judith Lucy used to say, when asked why she didn’t have kids “Nar, didn’t get that gene”.

    If people thought the banks were ‘too big to bail and too big to fail’ so they let the greedy bastards get away with their ‘misdemeanours’ over the GFC (aka WHITE COLLAR crime). If people thought the scandal over religious institutions who sexually molested kids (aka DOG COLLAR crime), most younger people and politicians were not around when Thalidomide was described as the biggest ever scandal of scientific medicine (aka WHITE COAT crime). Thalidomide, horrendous as it was, will pale into insignificance when the scandal over ‘Trans’ Delusion is exposed (if it is allowed to ever be exposed). This whole goddam mess has been created as a cover up. Except the medical cover-up has created a monster of its own. We now have millions of entitled but deluded men (yes men) who insist that their rights trump EVERYBODY’s rights.

    Imagine, if you will that such effeminate men actually retain classic male pattern violence – and descend into blind rage when confronted with that reality. They will experience what psychologists refer to as ‘cognitive dissonance’ and engage in ‘belief preservation’ – and abuse the [expletive] daylights of out of anybody (including doctors) who dare to question them. In their classic male pattern rage, they will resort to DARVO and attack those they see as threatening their delusion. They will resort to lying their socks off about the person who is telling them the truth; they will resort to spreading lies and misinformation in order to destroy the reputation of ANYBODY who dares to question them.

    Big Medicine (mad science) has created a monster (Frankenstein) which even Big Medicine is now too damned scared to confront and admit is of their making. Read about the shock experienced by the doctors who first recognised autogyenphilia (and how those doctors reputations were destroyed and their colleagues were too damned scared to defend them).

    Buckle up! This ride hasn’t even started.

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