Qantas pilot’s sexual harassment lawsuit takes hit – Lawyers Weekly

The Federal Court has struck out documents prepared by a female Qantas pilot who alleged the major airline created and maintained a workplace that is “hostile to women”.

Davida Forshaw’s allegations that her career was hindered by her male colleagues and she was subjected to sexual harassment took a blow on Wednesday (16 August) morning after Qantas successfully argued her amended statement of claim was not valid.

Justice John Snaden said no part of Ms Forshaw’s workplace culture plea is “salvageable” but allowed her to redraw her pleadings.

“It is, in its entirety, likely to cause prejudice, embarrassment or delay, and it fails to disclose a reasonable cause of action. It should (and will) be stuck out in its entirety,” Justice Snaden ordered.

In the amended statement of claim, Ms Forshaw made several damning allegations against Qantas, including that it denied her “quiet enjoyment of her profession” and required her to perform at a higher standard during training than male colleagues.

[ed: I hope she finds a good lawyer to help her.]

Source: Qantas pilot’s sexual harassment lawsuit takes hit – Lawyers Weekly

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