Queensland doctor calls for review into transgender affirmative medicine | The Australian

Queensland health executives have dismissed calls for a review of the state children’s hospital’s gender service, continuing to insist its practices are “evidence-based” despite a growing worldwide movement to restrict the use of puberty blockers in children and as doctors claim vulnerable teenagers are being harmed by medical gender transition.
Paediatrician Dylan Wilson has called for an immediate moratorium on the initiation of puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones for patients of the Queensland Children’s Gender Service and an independent investigation into the processes of diagnosis and treatment at the clinic including adverse effects, the coexisting psychological pathologies of patients, and the consent process undertaken at the clinic.
Dr Wilson documented contemporary evidence which has dismantled the basis of Dutch research upon which the child-led affirmation approach to treating gender dysphoria in Australia – essentially a medical model – is heavily based. In addition, the UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has reviewed the use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for treating gender dysphoria and declared the evidence supporting prescription of the drugs to be of “very low certainty”, echoing the “gaps in the evidence base” highlighted by the UK’s Cass review.
The United Kingdom has now announced plans to restrict the availability of puberty blockers, which are used to pause puberty by suppressing the release of hormones. The medications will only be able to be prescribed to children attending gender identity services as part of clinical research in the UK. It follows restrictions on the use of the drugs in minors in Sweden and Finland.
The WPATH guidelines endorse early medicalisation as fundamental in the treatment of gender dysphoria and the organisation does not support any lower age limits for prescription of hormones.
Critics label the WPATH treatment guidelines unreliable and unethical, and say the organisation is essentially a transgender lobby group, not a healthcare body.

Source: Queensland doctor calls for review into transgender affirmative medicine | The Australian

One thought on “Queensland doctor calls for review into transgender affirmative medicine | The Australian”

  1. No other mental health diagnosis receives ‘affirmative care’ in the health system.

    Imagine a person suffering from paranoid schizophrenia with a delusion they were King Charles. We would no sooner refer to them by their pronouns ‘king/highness’ than fly to the moon.

    And when ‘king/highness’ demanded to come off the Community Treatment Order and stop his meds would we all bow down and do so to avoid a case of ‘royalty phobia’ or some other concocted psycho babble?

    Oh no. Never.

    And yet we use, nay, are forced to use, non grammatical pronouns which mean nothing and do nothing except confuse when it comes to our trans kids.

    We enter them into the medical system as their preferred sex, despite the fact that medicine takes into account the differing rates of drug metabolisation dependant on sex (XX and XY metabalise at different rates).

    20 years ago this would be classed as malpractice. Today it’s applauded.

    And wo betide anyone who speaks out as this brave doctor did…

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