Queensland tribunal’s treatment of domestic violence victim a ‘disgrace’

Exclusive: hearing date for case in which a police officer leaked victim’s details was changed at last minute on request of police.

“This seems to be the way our justice system works,” said Renee Eaves, a victims’ advocate and police data misuse victim who is supporting Julie. “If you have access to lawyers, you get accommodations that other people don’t.

“Right through this process it has been stacked against the woman representing herself and quite frankly it’s a disgrace.

“[The tribunal] is supposed to be the ‘people’s court’. Yet they accommodate the police no questions asked because they claim it would be unjust to not be able to have a particular QC.

“The fact they then can’t understand that a mother who is representing herself might need more than a day to arrange to be there, or that she might not be prepared, speaks volumes about how disconnected these decision-makers are from real people.”

Any compensation Julie could receive from the tribunal is capped at $100,000. She says she incurred costs far greater after she twice moved her family in fear after her details were leaked.

Source: Queensland tribunal’s treatment of domestic violence victim a ‘disgrace’ | Australia news | The Guardian

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