One thought on “Queer Theory Jeopardy!!! with Professor Derrick Jensen – YouTube”

  1. “The entire concept [of queer theory and paedophilia] is upon ‘trans’gressing” [going beyond the limits (of what is morally, socially, or legally acceptable)]. The history of the gay rights movement highlights the schism between sexual inverts (homosexuals) and sexual perverts [deviants who ‘go beyond the limits’ of (what is morally, socially, or legally acceptable)]. These deviants are overwhelmingly perverted heterosexual men who are more concerned with their own sick self-gratification than with human decency. They care not a whit about the rights or safety of women and children. Instead of cleaning up their act to become ‘morally, socially, or legally acceptable’ these perverts have worked relentlessly to try and redefine what should be considered acceptable behaviour (from their own perverted point of view). They have transmogrified from FREE (free repression from erotic expression) to PIE (paedophile information exchange) to ‘trans’sexual – before nefariously redefining ‘sex’ to ‘gender’ – and transitioning from ‘trans’-sexual to ‘trans’gender. How convenient! With their 100+ genders nonsense, they are seeking to get away with what would otherwise be (and still is) ‘morally, socially, or legally’ UNacceptable [no matter how perverts seek to redefine or sanitise it]. Nice try, perverts. You may have gas-lit civil society with your gender identity nonsense, but decent folk still consider women and children are not yours to commodify and abuse!

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