‘Queer utopia’: Gender lesson video for schoolkids slammed

An educational video produced by Australia’s human rights body which teaches children about pansexuality and that doctors ‘decide’ your gender at birth has been slammed by experts.

An educational video from the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) made for primary schoolers that says doctors “decide” your sex at birth and talks about “pansexuality” has been criticised as “woke gender ideology” and “queer utopia”.

The $27 million taxpayer funded commission produced the video, Let’s Talk About Bodies, Identity and Sexuality, for Australian students from Year 3 to Year 6.

Despite a ban on teaching “gender fluidity” in NSW schools, the AHRC says that the videos were produced because many primary school-aged students have “questions about gender and sexual identity”.

Professor Dianna Kenny, from the Society for Evidence-based Gender Medicine, who treats gender dysmorphic children, says the video basically is teaching “gender ideology”.

“To teach children this would be “engaging in the egregious act of miseducating our children by propagating a fallacious, illogical, unscientific, and seriously damaging ideology,” she said.

Researcher Kit Kowalski, who has uncovered the links between peak AIDS charity ACON and its behind-the-scenes promotion of LGBTQI+ in governments and companies — including the human rights commission – called it “gender-identity propaganda”.

“It is bizarre that the AHRC is introducing concepts around sexual orientation to kids in years three to six,” she said.

“What eight year old needs to know about pansexuality?

“There is inappropriate sexualised imagery used throughout the video, particularly in the part dealing with the Mardi Gras.”

Coalition for Biological Reality spokeswoman Stassja Frei said it was “Brave New World territory”.

One thought on “‘Queer utopia’: Gender lesson video for schoolkids slammed”

  1. don’t we have enough evidence in these posts alone to build a movement to stand in front of these places and protest?

    Or to stand in front of Parliament House and demand they ban this madness as child abuse and assault on women?

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