Rape charges: British women imprisoned for ‘inconsistent’ claims

HUNDREDS of vulnerable women have been sent to prison in the United Kingdom for lying about rape, according to an investigation.
The report found that UK authorities are “exceptionally aggressive” in pursuing women for lying about rape, prosecuting hundreds over the past decade.
At least 200 women have been prosecuted for fake rape cases in that time, according to a BuzzFeed News analysis of press reports.
Most of the women were sent to prison, with dozens of them facing sentences of more than two years.
They said they found prosecutors went after women who were teenagers, reportedly had mental health issues, had experienced past physical and sexual assault, or were grappling with drug and alcohol addiction.
Last month a student revealed he is suing a woman for $6 million, claiming her false rape accusation at a frat party has destroyed his life.
The investigation also revealed women were prosecuted even when they reportedly went to police only under pressure, quickly recanted, or never named their attacker at all.
Yvette Cooper, Labour MP and chair of the influential home affairs select committee, said the investigation was “very troubling”.
She called on the CPS to make sure the guidance was followed so that “victims are not deterred from coming forward” and “vulnerable women are not inappropriately prosecuted”.

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