Reddit Purges Wrongthink From Women’s Health Support Groups

Reddit admins have shut down radical feminist spaces and supported coups in women’s health support groups to ensure ‘inclusivity’.

But users and groups moderators affected by the issue are saying that the new rules attack free speech. They claim the platform is directly attacking not only feminist forums but also ALL groups where women were discussing female health. Days after the r/GenderCritical subreddit, a forum that at the time had about 65000 users, was banned, a PCOS sub was made private for talking about Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome.

Reddit removed the groups moderators and replaced them with users who are trans activists or trans allies. The new moderators made the group private while they purged subscribers and non-compliant moderators. A new group was formed by the latter, but it was immediately banned by the administration.

After the PCOS sub coup, r/ Pregnancy was also targeted and made inaccessible. Many users are taking to social media to denounce that trans activists are taking control of the groups moderation in order to impose the new rules. For them, the message from Reddit is clear: women are being forbidden from talking about female issues. They support this claim with reference to the responses they got from the new moderators, who are demanding women to call themselves “cis women”, “menstruators”, “womb havers”, or to simply not talk about any issues at all that affect female bodies, because doing that is “transphobia”, according to the complainants.

Source: Reddit Purges Wrongthink From Women’s Health Support Groups

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