Researchers claim testosterone cap won’t fix trans athletes’ ‘unfair advantage’ |

Trans athletes have an “intolerable unfair” advantage that a testosterone cap won’t fix, researchers say.

In a paper published in the BMJ Journal of Medical Ethics, Anderson and fellow Otago University researchers, Alison Heather and Taryn Knox, found the 10nmol/L level permitted by the International Olympic Committee was “significantly higher than that of cis-gender women, whose sex and gender align as female”.

Heather said the advantages go well beyond a testosterone level test.

A trans athlete has prior exposure to testosterone, which develops larger muscle mass, muscle distribution and even the amount of oxygen the athlete can accumulate.

“All these factors are not considered. We just say your testosterone level is under 10mnol/L. It is still much higher than a cis female and none of the rest is being considered.

“It’s not just your here and now testosterone that matters, there is also prior exposure to testosterone. Testosterone even form a fetus is defining a males brain, a male’s bone structure and lung structure.”

“They have a different bone structure so they are able to put more power in their jumping and anything that involves having to lift something, they have more power in their legs through their knees to hip ratio.”

A woman’s child-bearing hips also means her elbows are at a wider angle than a trans athlete’s, putting them at a disadvantage as the smaller angle achieves more power.

Source: Researchers claim testosterone cap won’t fix trans athletes’ ‘unfair advantage’ |

One thought on “Researchers claim testosterone cap won’t fix trans athletes’ ‘unfair advantage’ |”

  1. Women and men are NOT “cis”. We are NOT isomers. There is no such thing as a male brain or a female brain, it is far more complex than that. There is no female brain floating around in a male’s body or vis a versa. Biological sex is, in fact, between the legs, our sex is DNA coded into every cell in our bodies, male and female bodies are very different and we don’t need DNA testing to show and understand what a female body is or what a male body is. We can tell male bodies and female bodies just by looking at the bone structure, as you well know.
    There is no such thing as Transgender therefore, there is no such thing as cis-gender. We should not allow for the language to be changed to accommodate a few demanding delusional men.
    Trans Identified people are less than one percent of the population; the standard is, in fact, male, female. Trans Identified people suffer from a body dissociative identity disorder as similar to body integrity disorder, the desire to have a healthy body part removed and a strong desire to be disabled. Just as a doctor would not approve of such a surgery to accommodate this discomfort with one’s own body they should not have abandoned the mental health treatment of people who describe themselves as Trans. Trans people should be in a mental illness treatment for this rather than a Frankenstein medicalization of chemically (HRT) and surgically (SRS) accommodating this disorder.
    It was a grave mistake to abandon mental health treatments for an invasive medicalized mutilation of people’s bodies just because you could not find a better solution at the time (the opening of the first SRS clinic in the US was in 1965 out of John Hopkins University Hospital, then closed in the late 1970’s due to the fact it was not helping Trans Identified People, they were committing suicides at higher rates post surgery and they still do).
    Now, this disorder has become a popular trend (ROGD) and is causing greater harm to many who find themselves de-transitioning after receiving chemical and surgical “treatment” at young ages before they can come to terms with their dissociation with their body and their bodies can not return from this medical acceptance of mutilation. Also, people who transitioned in mid life some 10-15 years later de-transition as well.
    This is also causing a great societal upheaval of accommodating Males in Female only spaces; men taking positions away from and displacing women representations in women only political and organizational seats (as in the UK), men taking scholarships for sports and education displacing women from those deserved awards, DV and Rape crisis shelters displacing women from those shelters to accommodate males who perceive themselves as women, Males who have murdered and raped women and girls are being placed in female only prisons because of this claim they are Trans Identified and women are being assaulted by these male’s placement in women’s prisons, women are already suffering the consequences of this. There is also legislation being passed to change sex based rights for girls and women to gender identity (“The Equality Act”, not to be confused with the Equal Rights Amendment) which will remove all such rights and protections for females. There is legislation being passed to accommodate a language of compelled speech of the never ending imagination of “preferred pronouns”.
    As scientists you should be coming forward to debunk this nonsense; not accepting and accommodating this very dangerous ideological fallacy that comes from an unscientific mishmash of a post modern, gender theory philosophical thought. Post Modernists and it’s close relation Gender Theorists are not biologists and they should not be leading the intelligence of the scientific researchers around by the nose to create a world of biological “junk science” to rule us all. The evolutionary, neuroscience and biological scientists should be organizing your colleagues in a oppositional front against this societal, cultural and anti-science attack.

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