Saskatchewan 1st to introduce Clare’s Law, aimed at stopping domestic violence

Adam Hunter for CBC NEWS writes:

Saskatchewan has become the first Canadian province to introduce legislation allowing police to warn partners of someone’s violent or abusive past.

On Monday, Justice Minister Don Morgan introduced the the Interpersonal Violence Disclosure Protocol (Clare’s Law) Act.

The purpose of the law is to inform people who may not know they are in an intimate relationship with someone who has a history of violence.

If passed, the law would allow police forces to disclose a person’s criminal history to that person’s partner in some cases.

“Clare’s Law” originated in the United Kingdom and is named for Clare Wood. In 2009, Wood was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in the Greater Manchester area.

Wood’s father pushed the British government to change laws to allow police to disclose a person’s criminal history to their current or former partner if police feel it is necessary.

Wood’s family found out after her death that Appleton had spent six years in prison for holding a woman at knife-point for 12 hours.

[Ed: disturbingly the proposed Domestic Violence
Disclosure Scheme for NSW is apparently being opposed by the Law
Society –]

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